Outsource Me As Your Web Design Firm!

Any client who hires an advertising agency expects that agency to be an expert in every kind of media.  But the dirty little secret (just between us) is that many advertising agencies just do not have the experience of providing a client with a professional web marketing strategy.

This is where I come in…

Instead of hiring new employees, which adds to your payroll and overhead, outsource me!  You will be getting an Internet Executive chock-full of experience with his own team of designers and programmers.

My rates are inexpensive because I have little overhead, and I guarantee you won’t beat my rates.


The Agency Secret

I work with advertising agencies in New York, Los Angles, Miami and Texas – But their clients don’t know that!  I sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) with my adverting agencies clients, so our relationship is our secret, as are our rates.

In fact, our rates are so good, many agencies charge their clients 3 to 5 times what I invoice the agency. That’s a margin… and that’s good business.


Everyone Wins!

The client wins because they are getting professional service with experience.

You win because you are servicing your client and making money and looking good.

I win because I’m making money and don’t have to interact with the client (that’s your job!).

Let’s do business!